fall sessions in full swing

I love this time of year.  It's the absolute best time of year to get outside and take photos.  Not too hot, not too cold....and a lot of wonderful color and texture all around.  No wonder it is the busiest time of year for photography sessions!  If you are still trying to squeeze in your fall photo session there are only a couple of weekend spots left so don't hesitate and book your session today!


Let's just say there was not a dull moment to be had!!!  What a fun session.  Olivia shared the spotlight with her cousins Noah and Claire (coming up next) and didn't mind it one bit.  The more the merrier was the mantra for this action-packed session.

Luke: 2 years

I have been photographing little Luke since he was six months old!  Every single time his Mom reaches out to me to set up a session I light up.  He is pure joy to spend an afternoon with (and so is his Mom)!

Luke at 6 months and again at 2 years :)

and just for fun - Luke at 1 year and again at 18 months!!!  LOVE watching these little ones grow!

Thanks for a great afternoon Luke and Mom H!


This lovely little lady is my oh, so sweet, and very talented niece, Sophia.  Sophia is a charming 8 year old who can write incredible stories and songs, act, and sing.  It's been so fun watching her grow into such a bright young lady.  I have no doubt there are big things in store for her.  This little session happened on a whim.  Sophia and I popped outside in a not so ideal lighting situation and a very muddy yard and still had a great time.  She needs NO instruction.  All the fun facial expressions, posing - all her!  Such a fun age to photograph.  Thank you Sophia for a wonderful afternoon of shopping and photography!

well, hello there!

Hello to one of the newest and cutest babies on the planet!  Little Nina arrived a few weeks ago and these were taken just a few days after she arrived.  Most of our session she was sleepy, sleepy but every so often she popped open those bright beautiful eyes just to say hello!