starting from where I left off

WOW....does the time fly!  The good news is that it is because I am having SO much fun!!!  2009 was a great year and fantastic start for Postma Photography.  I have met so many incredible families and friends of their family and that families neighbors, or nieces and nephews, etc. I am forever grateful and humbled by the referrals that you have given.  "Thank you" does not even begin to sum up the gratitude I feel. Being a newbie to the holiday season photo shoot schedule I wasn't exactly sure what to brace for. I'm not even sure I could have expected to be as busy and booked as I was.  It was truly a delightful surprise!  Unfortunately I moved blogging to the back burner and am now wondering where to start.  Do I pick up where I left off or move forward from where I am at?  After little thought I've realized there are so, so, so many sessions that I want to share that it would be tragic not to at least give it a shot!

And for some even BIGGER news....we're growing!  OR at least I am.  We are expecting a St. Patty's Day baby and I will be on maternity leave all of March and most of April but will still be booking appointments for the spring and summer months to follow.  I am looking forward to trying to keep the blog updates coming and with the backlog of sessions I should have LOTS of material to share!

This is Blakely and her handsome brother Austin.  They are the older siblings of the adorable newborn I posted right before I disappeared!  How could I not go back and share this super fun session!