the boys are back

The boys of summer return!  After some contemplation on where our session should take place we decided to head back to the beach again this summer.  It only seemed right, since these really are the boys of summer and they LOVE the beach.  And what better place to celebrate the end of summer?  After playing on the beach for a bit we hiked up the hill to find another adventure awaiting us and here is where I felt one season ending and another beginning. After a pretty vigorous romp on the beach and woods we headed back to their home where we could catch our breathe (ok, it was really my breathe that needed some catching!!! These boys can RUN!).Then one by one I had the chance to hang out a bit and be goofy with each of them.  Finn and I grappled over who should be taking the photos so we made a deal, he takes one, I take one....who knew I would end up with so many photos of, well, me!  (thanks Finn!)....I might have found myself an assistant :) Lucas + James rocked out (just a bit) and I was seriously blown away by their talent and flattered that they would play for me at all.  I can only imagine what is in store for them as they continue to learn and practice their instruments.  I can't deny I got a little glimmer of hope that our little guys will one day love to play as much as these two brothers do.    And, one of my favorite impromptu moments of our session.....COOKIE TIME!  Mom 'B' broke out the cookie dough to put in the oven for later but these guys know exactly what the best part of cookies are - the dough of course!Thanks for a great session boys (and mom and dad B!).  I can't wait to see what next summer has in store!