A Delightful Summer Celebration

Remember this gorgeous couple? Rachel and Caleb's "Delightful Summer Celebration" was just that.... absolutely delightful in every way.  Despite the extreme heat R & C somehow made it look like it was a cool summer day. You might think that with 7 (yes, seven) sisters all getting ready at the same time there might be some chaos....not here!  Everyone, including the bride was a cool as a cucumber.  Everyone just seemed to know what to do.  Even the little ones had a role (even if was just to look cute!). And then just like that...it was time.Grandpa and Grandma watching over. Rachel's sister and Caleb's brother - maid of honor and best man.

part II, up next....

Rachel & Caleb

What an adventure I've been on! It all started in a small town in Ohio with this gorgeous couple.  We spent a lovely afternoon on their family farm getting to know each other before their wedding celebration the following day.  Though I don't usually photograph weddings I am SO glad that this brave couple entrusted me to capture the moments and memories that made up their special day.  I was in an absolute heaven walking through the fields, old abandoned victorian home, the deep red barn, the sweet little pink playhouse and SO much more.  It all felt so incredibly magical and surreal.  I felt so very fortunate that they chose me for this.  Rachel & Caleb were radiant in every way and even though they said they were not very comfortable in front of a camera their strong connection to one another shines through in every photo.   Congratulations to you Caleb & Rachel!


I was looking back through all the photo sessions from this past summer and can't believe how many I didn't get around to posting.  Now that fall is in FULL swing I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the summer fun. This first session took place late spring, early summer with one of the most incredibly sweet and fun couples I've met.  N & J were so open-minded and up for anything.  We first attempted to take photos at the museum campus but when we arrived there was a function going on and it took us nearly 45 minutes to get out of the traffic mess and choose a new destination.  It didn't phase them!  We headed straight for Lincoln park and I'm SO glad that we did.  It couldn't have been a more perfect location for this beautiful couple. Congratulations to newly married N & J!

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