This lovely little lady is my oh, so sweet, and very talented niece, Sophia.  Sophia is a charming 8 year old who can write incredible stories and songs, act, and sing.  It's been so fun watching her grow into such a bright young lady.  I have no doubt there are big things in store for her.  This little session happened on a whim.  Sophia and I popped outside in a not so ideal lighting situation and a very muddy yard and still had a great time.  She needs NO instruction.  All the fun facial expressions, posing - all her!  Such a fun age to photograph.  Thank you Sophia for a wonderful afternoon of shopping and photography!

Adler turns 1!

Our youngest turned ONE last week!  Everyone always tells you to enjoy every minute because the time flies by...what no one ever told me was how much faster it flies with the second one!  I feel like our little Addy went from 0 to 1 in about a nano second.

We celebrated his special day circus style.  One of Adler's first works was el - ahhh - phant...and being the proud mama, I glommed on to that and went a little crazy with the elephants which inevitably turned into a big top birthday theme.  I had so much fun pulling all the details together. But once all the items were sitting in front of me in a big plastic tub waiting to be assembled I felt a bit panicked.  What was I going to do with it all?  Though there are many things I would have done different I was really pleased with the end results...and I think the birthday boy enjoyed it too!  The colors, loud stripes, cake was exactly what I had hoped to create for him.  My only regret - not snapping more photos!  I realized pretty quickly it can be difficult being the mom, party planner, hostess, and photographer!  My take -a-way from the day:  hire a photographer so that you can enjoy every second with your little peanut and not worry about missing the festivities or the memories.....especially if you talk your husband into dressing up like an elephant!

Thanks to my cousin Mark Fletcher Photography for capturing the 3 photos directly above of Addy's little #1 cupcake, detail of the cake and his Nana's famous birthday number cookies!  I was so thrilled to have another photographer to help capture the details! Happy first Birthday to our little Addy!  We LOVE you So!


Circus Tent Cake by Tipsy Cake, 36" Round Balloons, Party Hats, game gifts = Party City, Mustache On A Stick, Popcorn Boxes, Paper Bags for Circus Peanuts and Gifts and Paper Straws = Etsy,  Paper Bags for Hot Pretzels and Paper Bags for Circus Peanuts and Cotton Candy = Sur La Table , Adlers Party Hat and Celebrate Banner =, Paper Cups and Napkins = IKEA, Glass Plates = Crate and Barrel.  If I missed anything that you are interested the resource information for please leave a comment below and I will be happy to provide!

gettin’ “Jinky” with it

I took an all encompassing, 2 day workshop this past July/August given by the amazing Barb Uil of Jinky Art.  Being only 4 months postpartum I am absolutely sure I did not even come close to soaking up the amount of knowledge and helpful advise she so generously shared.  I did however come back with a LOT of ideas and thoughts about the general direction of Kimberly Postma Photography and I am so excited to get to work and start to incorporate a lot more fun into your sessions!   

lucky charm

Taken on 7/11! Born just 33 minutes shy of St. Patty's Day our little lucky charm is almost FOUR months old!  It's hard to wrap my arms around how quickly the time goes during these early months.  Everything about this little one is charming.  He can light up a room with his smiley demeanor.  He's a crowd pleaser for sure!