Adler turns 1!

Our youngest turned ONE last week!  Everyone always tells you to enjoy every minute because the time flies by...what no one ever told me was how much faster it flies with the second one!  I feel like our little Addy went from 0 to 1 in about a nano second.

We celebrated his special day circus style.  One of Adler's first works was el - ahhh - phant...and being the proud mama, I glommed on to that and went a little crazy with the elephants which inevitably turned into a big top birthday theme.  I had so much fun pulling all the details together. But once all the items were sitting in front of me in a big plastic tub waiting to be assembled I felt a bit panicked.  What was I going to do with it all?  Though there are many things I would have done different I was really pleased with the end results...and I think the birthday boy enjoyed it too!  The colors, loud stripes, cake was exactly what I had hoped to create for him.  My only regret - not snapping more photos!  I realized pretty quickly it can be difficult being the mom, party planner, hostess, and photographer!  My take -a-way from the day:  hire a photographer so that you can enjoy every second with your little peanut and not worry about missing the festivities or the memories.....especially if you talk your husband into dressing up like an elephant!

Thanks to my cousin Mark Fletcher Photography for capturing the 3 photos directly above of Addy's little #1 cupcake, detail of the cake and his Nana's famous birthday number cookies!  I was so thrilled to have another photographer to help capture the details! Happy first Birthday to our little Addy!  We LOVE you So!


Circus Tent Cake by Tipsy Cake, 36" Round Balloons, Party Hats, game gifts = Party City, Mustache On A Stick, Popcorn Boxes, Paper Bags for Circus Peanuts and Gifts and Paper Straws = Etsy,  Paper Bags for Hot Pretzels and Paper Bags for Circus Peanuts and Cotton Candy = Sur La Table , Adlers Party Hat and Celebrate Banner =, Paper Cups and Napkins = IKEA, Glass Plates = Crate and Barrel.  If I missed anything that you are interested the resource information for please leave a comment below and I will be happy to provide!

olivia: 1 year

It's been way too long since I updated the blog.  There are so many sessions that I have not posted from over the winter months that I feel like I need to get a move-on before the trees are in full bloom! I started photographing little Olivia when she was just 5 weeks old.  It's an incredible thing to see these little sleepy babies grow into curious toddlers!  5 weeks and 1 year

welcome baby Siena

Remember this dazzling mommy to be?  Sweet little Siena arrive about 3 weeks ago and she is SO pretty, pretty, pretty! What a little dream.  I had almost forgotten how tiny 3 weeks old really is!   Of the almost 3 hours I spent with her and her lovely family she slept about 1o minutes (total) and about 8 of those 10 minutes where when we perched her on her daddy's arm.

luca and his mom | maternity

A couple of weeks ago I met this absolutely gorgeous and glowing Mommy and we captured some precious moments in her last days of being a Mom to just one little sweetie.  Luca is now officially a big brother to his baby sister.  I can hardly wait to meet Luca's little sister next week when we take her newborn photos!

Knoll Chicago Showroom holiday event, part I

I have to admit, this was a bit of a dream job for me.  I was not only surrounded by incredibly gorgeous kiddos (babys, parents and even pets!) but I was enlisted to take their photos on classic furniture!  Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a sucker for the classics (the big red Womb Chair is a staple in our home)!  So two of my absolute favorites in one room and we have the recipe for the perfect day!  A BIG thank you to Knoll for hosting such a great event. I know that the parents are going to treasure this gift for years to come.  And, another BIG thank you to all the parents who trudged out into the first snow with their little ones not only in tow, but dressed to impress!  Even Henry donned a pair of fancy antlers for the occasion!

one year

What a difference a year makes!  I love my "job" for a list of reasons a million miles long.  And way up at the tippy top of that list is that I get to witness first hand the purest form of joy - a parent watching their child grow.

The amount of gratitude I feel to have been able to document the first year of little Benjamin's life makes my heart swell.  Thank you for letting me be a small part of your journey T & S!

the adventurer

This little one is as adventurous as she is cute!  And I know it goes with out saying but that certainly says a lot about how adventurous she was today!  We must have walked a mile scouting out fun places to explore and not once did she slow down or pass up a challenge or request.  And even after our session, camera all packed up and sweet little Avery tucked away in her stroller she rallied for a few more snaps as the sun was setting because I couldn't resist!  Thanks for a great session today Mom + Dad F (and Avery!!!)!  More from your session very soon.

falling for fall

I'm SO in love with fall.  It's my absolute favorite time of the year (no offense summer, spring and winter, I just have a thing for fall).  I love the way it smells, I love the way it tastes, I love the cool, crisp autumn air.  There is something so invigorating about this time of year.    With this past weekends temperatures - soaring in the high 80's you wouldn't really feel the full effects of fall but there is no hiding it with colors like these!  I'm beyond excited about all of my upcoming fall sessions and this past weekend session was no exception.  Sasha and her little brother Logan were superstars in front of the camera.  Not one ounce of shy here....and I LOVED every second of it.

More from this session coming soon...

the boys are back

The boys of summer return!  After some contemplation on where our session should take place we decided to head back to the beach again this summer.  It only seemed right, since these really are the boys of summer and they LOVE the beach.  And what better place to celebrate the end of summer?  After playing on the beach for a bit we hiked up the hill to find another adventure awaiting us and here is where I felt one season ending and another beginning. After a pretty vigorous romp on the beach and woods we headed back to their home where we could catch our breathe (ok, it was really my breathe that needed some catching!!! These boys can RUN!).Then one by one I had the chance to hang out a bit and be goofy with each of them.  Finn and I grappled over who should be taking the photos so we made a deal, he takes one, I take one....who knew I would end up with so many photos of, well, me!  (thanks Finn!)....I might have found myself an assistant :) Lucas + James rocked out (just a bit) and I was seriously blown away by their talent and flattered that they would play for me at all.  I can only imagine what is in store for them as they continue to learn and practice their instruments.  I can't deny I got a little glimmer of hope that our little guys will one day love to play as much as these two brothers do.    And, one of my favorite impromptu moments of our session.....COOKIE TIME!  Mom 'B' broke out the cookie dough to put in the oven for later but these guys know exactly what the best part of cookies are - the dough of course!Thanks for a great session boys (and mom and dad B!).  I can't wait to see what next summer has in store!

A Delightful Summer Celebration

Remember this gorgeous couple? Rachel and Caleb's "Delightful Summer Celebration" was just that.... absolutely delightful in every way.  Despite the extreme heat R & C somehow made it look like it was a cool summer day. You might think that with 7 (yes, seven) sisters all getting ready at the same time there might be some chaos....not here!  Everyone, including the bride was a cool as a cucumber.  Everyone just seemed to know what to do.  Even the little ones had a role (even if was just to look cute!). And then just like was time.Grandpa and Grandma watching over. Rachel's sister and Caleb's brother - maid of honor and best man.

part II, up next....

perfectly ordinary

I'm burning the midnight oil trying to catch up on long overdue editing - and in the midst of it (I call it my commercial break - thank you internet) I came across this inspiring little You Tube video. After watching it (more then once) tears welled up in my eyes and I wanted desperately to sneak into my almost THREE year olds room (who is fast asleep -it's 4am!) and breathe him in.  Our 6 month old woke up about an hour ago for a middle of the night feeding and I felt so grateful for the time I was able to spend in the quiet of the night kissing his soft cheeks and brushing mine against his warm, fuzzy head.   What a beautiful and inspiring message and such a reminder to celebrate those perfectly ordinary moments. Or not so ordinary.....moments!

To read more you can find "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" by Katrina Kenison at various booksellers and you can follow her blog here